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Flexible working with OE's units encourages people to leave their regular workspace; take their laptop or tablet and find their ideal working environment and get some real work done.

You can get a lot done working at a desk. But sometimes it can be a little stifling and result in poor performance and tiredness.

With OE Electrics power delivery systems you can provide power practically anywhere you like.

Flexible working encourages people to leave their desk; take their laptop or tablet and find a quiet place and get some real work done.





OE Electrics’ patented TUF-R USB charger offers a fast-charging USB-C outlet for modern smartphone and tablet devices, along with a USB-A outlet for traditional USB charging. What’s more, both our USB-A and USB-C outlets are reversible, meaning you’ll never plug in the wrong way!

 TUF-R has a patented replaceable cartridge, allowing damaged USB ports to be replaced in minuted, without turning off the power.


 PLUTO gives users a 360 degree angle of use, encouraging collaboration and team work. Users can always access power outlets for laptops, tablets or phone.

PLUTO is perfect for impromptu meeting areas, casual seating and quiet booths.


PixelTUF can be integrated directly into tables and soft furnishings. It has the dual purpose of providing mains power and advanced USB charging. This means you don’t have to be tied to a table to have a casual meeting or get that important project completed.


POSE can be placed anywhere you need it. Sometimes,    power can’t be integrated with furniture, pose allows access    to power in an elegant and flexible way. In fact, you can’t get much more flexible than POSE!


ARC-80 uses the most advanced wireless charging technology to power your phone without the need for cables. Simply rest your wireless enabled phone on ARC-80 and let it work its magic! ARC-80 allows you space to breathe; freeing you of annoying cables and giving you the convenience to charge    your phone quickly and effectively. Perfect for the office, casual seating areas, libraries and cafes.


PHASE can be fitted discreetly into booths or pods, either on   or under surface; giving you convenient power and charging facilities when and where you want them.

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